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The Israeli Jazz project | October 2022

Photography exhibition of the Israeli Jazz project by French photographer Raphael Perez – in ZOA House, Tel Aviv-Yafo | October 13-30, 2022

The Israeli Jazz project represents the contemporary days of the Israeli Jazz scene and its history from the early beginnings in the 1930s. It is a project that combines book publishing, a series of exhibitions and events, along with a digital platform for the current information exchange and networking.

The Israeli Jazz book presents photographs and bios of 60+ Israeli jazzmen, the network of Israeli jazz schools, key venues, festivals, and personalities. It underlines the significant contribution of Israeli jazz to the world cultural stage. The book will be published in 3 languages and released in several countries in February 2023;

A series of photography exhibitions with the launch in Tel Aviv in October 2022 curated by Katerina Krylova;

A digital platform launching in November 2022 that will provide live updates of the book content, continuous networking, and news about the project.

Presentation website of the project:

The first Israeli Jazz photography exhibition in Tel Aviv has been invited by the Jaffa International Jazz Festival 2022 (October 13-16, 2022)

The exhibition includes 25 images of Israeli musicians taken by Raphael Perez in France during various performances and festivals between 2017 and 2022. This selection of photographs is part of a wider collection of over 80 images that is included in the IsraeliJazz book.

The exhibition opening event will be held on October 20 at ZOA House (Beit Ziyonei America), Daniel Frisch St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo at 19 pm

Raphael Perez is a French photographer with a background in the high-tech business. For the last 10 years, he specialized in on-stage photography of musicians and singers. His photographs have been featured in online media such as jazzespresso and allaboutjazz. He has also worked on fashion and commercial projects, comedian books and personal art projects.

“When observing the agenda of any jazz venue in the world, you will notice the importance of Israeli jazz. What I discovered while working on this project is that a process started in the 1990s allowing  the installation of a strong ecosystem of schools, festivals, labels, international agreements, and the contribution of some key people enabled Israel to become a strong place in the global jazz arena.  It is similar to the position Israel holds in the high-tech industry. It is a very unknown fact outside of professionals and I wished to make it visible to a wider audience. It is my small contribution to the promotion of Israeli culture.”

Raphael Perez, photographer.

“At the festival, people will be able to enjoy a double sensory pleasure. The one of hearing and the other of seeing will complement each other since in Raphael Perez's beautiful jazz photographs you can visualize the music.”

Amikam Kimelman, founder, and Music director of the International Jaffa Jazz festival

For additional questions:

Curator: Katerina Krylova  +972 53 475 5133,

Photographer: Raphael Perez +33 607 145 110,

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