ICC: Israel Crypto Conference - בית ציוני אמריקה - ZOA TLV

ICC: Israel Crypto Conference

The key discussion taking place across the entire venue is who will be our new blockchain leaders. It is in the times of the deepest bear markets where we know innovation is really developed!

As a part of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week, there will be a variety of satellite events held  with the leading blockchain startups and corporations in Israel and abroad. The conference itself will have two simultaneous avenues: panels, presentations, and networking with like-minded blockchain enthusiasts in the beautiful ZOA House theater in Tel Aviv, while a separate workshop for builders and developers occurs next-door. A variety of other events, VIP dinners, and parties will take place during the week as well.

Israel has shown prominence in the blockchain and crypto world for nearly a decade – and we expect it to only grow from here. In this incredible week-long event, the opportunity to explore the marvels of the startup nation while meeting the people behind the companies creating our tomorrow is one that can’t be missed. In the past several years, over 5000 people have come to the Israel Crypto Conference, spanning some of the leading figures in the blockchain ecosystem across the globe. Book flights and hotels while it’s still early – you’re not going to want to miss this one!

The central theme of conversation and community is essential for creating an ecosystem that enables developers to grow Web3 technology and accelerate its adoption. TLV Blockchain week is a platform for all Web3 community members to take part in and understand what's shaping the blockchain of tomorrow. Whether you’re a builder, developer, designer, or meme-lord, join us to learn up-to-date content in all fields of expertise and impact this emerging technology.

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30מאי 2023



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ICC: Israel Crypto Conference

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