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Daniel Ryan Spaulding | חוזר לתל אביב!

הקומיקאי הגאה האהוב על הברלינאים – חוזר לתל אביב!

After a Sold Out show in December, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is BACK in Tel Aviv: The Vive! You may know him from his hit video series "It's Berlin!" and "Tell it to the Vive!" — now it's time to catch him live in action with his sassy, ironic, brutally hilarious one man stand-up comedy show! From the dark rooms of Berlin to the circuit parties of Tel Aviv – there's no stopping this comedy powerhouse from his cheeky misadventures! He entertained the masses with hilarious social media content during COVID lockdowns. Now, catch him live with his sharp observations on the human condition, absurd stories, cultural insights, and healing laughter – as we collectively move onto a new chapter in our lives!

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29אוקטובר 2022



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DANIEL RYAN SPAULDING: אחרי ההופעה הקורעת בשנה שעברה, דניאל ריאן ספולדינג חוזר לתל אביב "The Vive". שבת, 29.10.22, 20:00, בית ציוני אמריקה. כרטיסים: Chillz

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