Pairdeer AM4 LR03 batteries (ААА)…

Comparison with the "reference". The price turned out to be less than for Flarx, which for me was optimal in terms of price / quality. It was not possible to pull out the entire stuffing, I could only pick out small pieces. Pairdeer is heavier than Flarx in weight
I found an alternative for Flarx in AAA size By the way, Pairdeer has a manufacturer's website. Batteries were made almost at the same time Pairdeer 10.2021, and Flarx 09.2021 Batteries are sold in packs of 10. Well, the most interesting thing is the battery capacity test. I will duplicate: the internal resistance of Flarx is 192 mOhm.

Pairdeer AM4 LR03 batteries (ААА)

Something like AAA batteries began to leave me very quickly and when I ended up in Leroy Merlin I decided to see what there was from the batteries. Although the quality of the battery has already been confirmed, I will still open it out of curiosity 🙂 I paid attention to the Pairdeer LR03.
Unlike the previously opened DEMMAX, here the central rod is longer, and the internal filling is very dense, filled with all the free space. I discharge with a current of 100 mA to a voltage of 0.7 V. Well, for myself I decided to check what I bought. As a result, Pairdeer with this discharge current lasted 1.5 hours more than Flarx.

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